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I want it to be better but I have no idea how. Or maybe I do. No matter how complex some things may appear to be, the underlying truth can be a very simple one. Stuff like stable API, better driver architecture, filesystem layout, software installation method, a lot of these issues can be improved, sadly we all know it is not going to happen anytime soon.

In the past, I always welcomed one of those ‘how linux should change in this way so it can blablabla’ articles. I read them if I had time. Not anymore, now I skip every one of them If I can. None of them is going to be realized anyway. What is the point?

Before making things revolutionary, how about making things that actually work? Every distro release these days have these stupid bugs that just shouldn’t exist, makes you really wonder if there is any quality assurance in the first place. These days words like RC and beta in linux effectively make me cringe. Years ago certain stuff in linux doesn’t work because the technology wasn’t there to facilitate, at least what was there worked as it supposed to.  I mean it. Some bugs are so embarrassing, it makes other platforms like OSX and Windows look flawless. Just visit some bugzillas or mailing lists, you see what I mean.

This blog can be full of nonsense sometimes. Yet I found this article to be so right and clear about the perception of current situation. Linux is never an OS, there isn’t a single person really building an OS in the first place. Maybe that is the reason why linux on the desktop fundamentally fails.

I wish there will be a linux distro that is nearly bug free, stay with working technologies, only introduce proven technologies with improved usability to users. It also wouldn’t hurt to ‘backport’ new inventions without breaking the whole desktop. Such idea is a far cry compared to the latest distro releases with ‘bleeding edge’ software. (I seem to hear some voices from far away sounded like ‘fragmentation is bad!’ and ‘We should go the linux way… no the M$ path!’. Sigh… Never mind.)

Meanwhile, PostSecret pops up in my mind. If I would post a secret about linux it must be something like this:

I'm afraid linux is not going to change. ever.

I'm afraid linux is not going to change. ever.

In years of using linux as a desktop operating system, I say linux is currently at its worst state in terms of desktop usability and software development culture.


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    • Geo
    • Posted September 17, 2008 at 8:09 am
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    This graphic made me laugh so hard, its kinda disturbing which makes it even funnier.

    Anywho… Thanks for writing a thoughtful piece, and I’m saddened that a lot of folks in the open source community aren’t engaging in more constructive dialogue about how to improve Linux – I wish more posts like this were Dug instead of the “Why you should dump windows and use Linux” articles that seem to regularly appear on Digg.

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