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The thought has finally came to me. I am going to ditch linux, eradicate any presence of it on any desktop use. Not because I hate it only because I find other platforms like Windows and Mac are much preferred choice for the job.

Linux is fine when using on a desktop, not a laptop. Don’t try to use anything desktop related. That’s a bliss :) Compile some stuff, run some technical apps (mostly command line stuff). Superb!

I can only hope the quality of linux distros and desktop apps will improve in the future.

What’s so great about linux is the kernel. It’s always the kernel. Its open nature and well maintained by hundreds of companies made it a huge success in the server arena. But afterall it is just a kernel, to call it a superior technology compared to other counterparts(nt, bsd, mac) just doesn’t make sense to me.

I have a passion for photo and video stuff which both mac and windows can provide me what i need. Most importantly both have proper color manangement!


I built a hackintosh. It has a quad core processor. All under 2k :) It’s performance is comparable to a Mac Pro, which is almost two times the price (close to 4k :|). I mean Mac mini is an overpriced, slow hardware. Imac is basically a notebook motherboard attached to a cheap TN panel lcd monitor… Mac Pro is top quality stuff but that’s some hefty price to pay. I really wish there will be a mainstream version of mac pro that is reasonably priced. Meanwhile, I heard Apple will be making TV soon :| :o



    • Richard Chapman
    • Posted October 18, 2008 at 12:33 am
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    It’s difficult to gauge the worth of something when it’s given away. Fortunately we have Darl McBride, CEO of SCO, to thank for demanding $700 for each copy of Linux. You can either complain about Linux not suiting your needs for free or you can complain about Apple software costing a lot of money but you can’t justify both. Do one or the other. If Linux doesn’t cut it then bite the bullet and shell out a lot of cash for Apple software. There is another aspect to the free vs cost debate. It’s possible to get cracked copies of Apple software. That completely short circuits the equation, doesn’t it? If you were to take advantage of that then please don’t say another bad word about Linux. A lot of hard work and effort went into that free copy of Linux. If it doesn’t work for you there’s nothing wrong with that. If you spend a ton of money on proprietary software and it does everything but tie your shoes, great, tell us all about it and why it was worth every penny. But if you side step that crucial difference between proprietary and free, you forfeit your bragging rights.

    • penguinrage
    • Posted October 18, 2008 at 4:13 pm
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    Hi. Thanks for your comment.
    Here’s my version of the usual old debate…

    First of all, I do not condone the regarded action by SCO. What the company did is low, way low.

    I’m talking about usability, quality of the operating systems. Proprietary or open source, all software regardless of license or development nature can be subjected to criticism. No? FOSS or commercial software. There are some good ones and some bad ones. It’s just the way it is. I use all kinds of OSes, from desktop to server. Just because it’s free or the nature of the technology, I can’t criticise or simply tell the facts?

    The fact is the quality of linux OS especially distributions are declining. Developers only care about ‘bleeding edge’ technology and forfeit the resposibilities to make it more usable. Linux is the idea choice for some server applications. It is even feasible for some enterprise workplaces. But on the home users level, it is NOT. After so many years, from xfree86 to Xorg, major distros still can’t get some monitors/resolutions right. Do you see certain kind of pattern right there? Isn’t it some kind of a problem that is in need of serious attention?

    “If it doesn’t work for you there’s nothing wrong with that.” Sorry for me that just does not compute… :| (A desktop operating system should function like a desktop operating system, no?)

    When it comes to quality control, I say freebsd is more quality built consider how the OS is constructed. I also recognized some wonderful FOSS software like XBMC, firefox, ffmpeg, notepad++.

    I have cloned and setup some linux images on my friend’s computers. The distro is well setuped. Firefox has all the plugins to view streaming videos, P2P applications are easy to use. Problem emerged when they try to use their printers, phones even cameras and mp3 players. For instance, f-spot is just weak and poorly written. Digikam is feature rich but not user friendly. Picasa using wine has some performance issue. Sometimes connect a Adsl modem to certain distro can be a chore. I mean the basic components needed for a average computer user to easily utilise the system to do their work just aren’t there(definitely not complete). So is it going to stay this way like for the last 8 years or is it going to finally change?

    Another alternative platform like mac osx, it is easier to learn and to use. Unfamiliar users adapt naturally to the new system.

    This might be off topic… anyway I did pay for commercial software like vmware, lightroom and osx. I’m in need of a powerful pc for my hobby(final cut stuff). I broke the law. I admit it. I am not proud of it. There is no way I am going to pay 4k+ for a pc when I can get it just for 1800 for the same performance. If I make video for a living I would surely pay for it. A mac pro that is.

    Rules are broken all the time when you have a justified reason. Without libdvdcss, libavcodec from ffmpeg, windows codec dll files used by mplayer, vlc. How can the linux folks play their videos?

    I just find it sad that some people in the open source community can be obsessed and blinded by those impractical ideologies.

    Yes I’m a cynic and let me tell you that the color of this world is grey, not black nor white.

    Guess this will be the last post of my supposed linux rant :)

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