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Here are some notes I took when using Opensuse 11.0. Come and think about it, all the negative attitude towards linux does no good to the world population of 0.0001%. I’ll be concise about it. I promise.


Firefox kinda freezes intermittently, hard drive led continues to flash at the same time wait some time. I remebered same thing happened on ubuntu before.

Gnome main menu or slab menu – Network status dialog gives invalid IP information.

Gnome network manager sucks. Stupid dialogs. Kde network manager is way better(meaning it works). Especially for the wireless, Intel driver IPW3945 is BETTER than IWLWIFI. Of course the developers ‘introduced’ iwlwifi kernel module to their latest distros…

Gnome setting daemon still fails. It’s 2008.

Gnome volume control – Pulseaudio connection failed dialog. Cant access audio setting. Hey at least the flash plugin has sound unlike Ubuntu…

Gtk version of yast can’t see shit. Thank you for destroying the one last good thing about opensuse.

Gtk yast repo module window. Can’t sort. If you sort everything goes haywire. All the lines will be messed up.

I realized I could install the original/sane version of yast. Oops no qt lib included in gnome live cd. Which only means I have to stare at those yast gtk windows again :(


Network static ip address fails. Saw some threads and mailing list as well as bugzilla. People are complaning. Devs said it worked for them. No word to describe the ultimate despair…

Laptop brightness – Funny (maybe not at this point of writing this post), Brightness control works perfectly on my laptop in 10.3. A complete fail in 11.0. It can’t be controlled at all. Saw some people with the same problems. Xorg bugs or something(you know the worst piece of technology in linux). Pathetic workaround: xbacklight -set xx

Synaptic/Touchpad – Almost completely lose control to the touchpad in 11.0. It appears there are two sets of mouse config inside xorg.conf (mouse(1) & mouse(3)). It appears the sypnatic parameters are kinda wrong. I managed to make it right but with scrolling functions on the touchpad, left/right mouse clicks triggered in erratic manner for no reason.

Not sure if 11.0 has proper suspend functions. It works most of the time under 10.3.

Yast still refreshes the repos for almost every module you launch. While that zypper is still the slowest package management tool in linux land.

Knetworkmanager – the thing is cool in 10.3. In 11.0 the setup routine has been improved. Wired/Wireless work out of the box. But where’s my ip detail dialog? Guess the devs think typing ‘ifconfig -a’ in root terminal is cooler…

Yast has always been critized for separating/confuse user with different control center(DE control panel and yast itself). Please show me some integration in the future. At least between network setting in yast and K/GNetworkManager. The two seem to be completely unrelated. What you do in Knetworkmanager stays in Knetworkmanager. And then there’s another tool in yast that does the exactly same thing. The wireless setting in yast has little meaning, little effect in the way wireless work in the linux os, let alone communicate with knetworkmanager…


Seriously, backport the useful features like (faster zypp) to 10.3 and make it a LTS version (long term release) as 10.3 is nearly bug free with no serious hurdle.

My advice on using linux: If it doesn’t work, compromise is accepted. Move on.

Remember it’s not your fault –


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    • Posted October 17, 2008 at 8:52 pm
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    please file a bugreport about your issues.

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